Baby’s Shoes, Getting Started


Basic Standard for Shoes

The experience of shopping for baby stuff for my firstborn was an exciting episode of my motherhood. The conventional standard to pick pink and frills for girls while blue and simple for boys was supposedly my basic guide in choosing dresses, mittens, and booties. I had the impulse to check on the famous brands, thinking that the cost speaks for its quality but lo! Could I really afford it? So, I had to go through the difficult but joyous task of choosing the best but not too costly from a wide array of baby items.

Booties for Kids

As an infant, I had to buy bootie or baby socks for my child since my primary concern was to provide warmth and protection to his tiny legs and feet, so the soft feel of the fabric was my major concern but of course, the sewn or painted cute design was a plus factor I had to consider.

When he started to stand and take his small first steps, I knew I had to buy him his first baby shoes designed for walking to protect his delicate feet from rough surfaces. In selecting shoes appropriate for his age and usage, I had to make sure that the shoes are soft so as not to hurt his feet with non-skid soles so that he wouldn’t slip. I had to ensure that it fitted him nicely – snug to the sole but enough room for his toes to make his walking experience a safe and happy experience.

As he grows, I had to stick to my basic standards for his shoes– comfortable, safe, and cost-friendly. As an additional factor to consider, I bought sizes 1 inch bigger to give allowance to his rapid growth.

Moms nowadays are luckier because of the wide range of choices we have. Quality and design are now incorporated by baby shoemakers. We don’t have to compromise our essential factors in buying baby shoes with the cute designs that goes with it. Girl’s shoes are not limited with pink and frills anymore; boy’s shoes are not as simple as blue and plain. We can now choose baby shoes with  Disney characters, hand-painted art, laces, NBA idols, and more designs that go with the season or mode which captures every mother’s imagination, not to mention the easy way of shopping on-line. Thanks to the shoemaker’s innovative creativity. Buying baby shoes can really be fun.


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