Classic Red Elmo Baby Shoes From Sesame Street


Sesame Street Elmo and Cookie Monster Baby Shoes with Strap

“Na na na na na, Elmo’s world!”


Who wouldn’t know Elmo from the famous children’s shows, Sesame Street? The loud-voiced red monster muppet from the show is famous to toddlers because according to science, red is one of the first colors they can see.


These officially licensed shoes from Sesame Street featuring Elmo in classic red are surely a hit to infants and toddlers. It fits comfortably on any surface with its hard bottoms and provides a soft cushion to your baby’s feet with its micro suede material. No worries, because these cute little things have rubber soles to avoid slipping as they keep their little feet walking and running everywhere. To make sure that they don’t leave their busy feet, the shoes have Velcro straps to keep them snugly fitted and make them easier to wear or take it off that even your baby can do for themselves. It’s a guarantee that the happy face of Elmo on its strap will make your baby want to wear it everyday..everywhere!


No wonder, that these shoes which are perfect for both little boys and girls alike belong to the highest-rated baby shoes on Amazon!



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