Squeaky Unicorn Shoes for Little Girls


ikiki Squeaky Shoes for Toddlers with On Off Squeaker Switch

This pair of shoes from Ikiki is one of the highest-rated baby shoes on Amazon bay. Obviously, it fits the overloaded cuteness that would match our babies’. The unicorn design pulls it off …it’s just simply an eye-catcher which our toddlers would surely love. Buying toddler shoes has become more fun and easy with the help of online shopping.  We can easily scroll for what we want from the many choices it has to offer.


It’s also made of breathable fabric and has enough room for the toes for airy comfort. Its high-top design provides additional ankle protection for those busy, tiny legs, and to give more safety measures, it has flexible rubber soles with anti-slip grips, so..no slipping on whatever surface they choose to explore.

What’s more? Our little ladies will surely be delighted with its cute squeaky sound every step of the way! But no worries, moms…we can always turn off that sound whenever needed because it has a squeaker switch.

Worth the buy? That’s why it’s one of the highest-rated shoes on Amazon and it’s a pride to get our little princess a pair on their royal feet.



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