The Little Girl In Red, Bowed Shoes

Girly Red Crib Shoes

Is it the color? Is it the bow? Is it the glitter?

Little girl smilin’

Little girl walkin’

Little girl proudly prodding

In her red, glittery, bowed shoes.

One look at you, I know that you are a perfect fit to my little girl’s cuteness. I can imagine how you will complement her chubby legs  taking its tiny steps. I can’t help but smile envisioning your red bows with her bowed headband. Your glittery elegance will pull off that sweet princess look every mother wishes for her daughter. You also look chubby like her soft, supple cheeks. I am sure you will not just protect her feet but you will be the reason she will love to walk with shoes on.

You caught my eyes at first glance and touched my girlish heart. Is it the color? Is it the bow? Is it the glitter? Or is it the total package of your charm?

One look at you, and I know that my little girl will love having you. I can already picture her glee of excitement and then again we’ll share the pleasure of her being the little girl in her red, bowed shoes.


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