Vans Toy Story Slip-on


Vans Toy Story Slip-on


I have watched the movie “Toy Story” again and again with my toddler, and every time seems the first time for her … eyes glued to the screen then suddenly delivers the lines in unison with the characters! c


You can imagine how ecstatic I am with this Vans collection featuring the characters in one of the most adored Disney movies of all time! These classic slip-on shoes having the famous distinctive Vans slip-on style that is easy to put on and take off is perfect for toddlers learning to do things by themselves.

It provides the same quality, durability, and comfort that Van’s name is known for – the padded collars, sturdy canvass uppers, elastic side accents, and no-slip soles to provide protection and comfort to the growing get-up-and-go of the little ones.

In addition to that, this charming pink slip-on is printed all over with  Sheriff Woody and the lovely Little Bo Peep. Of course, I am excited to buy one for my baby! Think about her reaction…her delighted expression, her animated jabbering, her gleeful confidence to have these shoes. As for me, I’ll get the best line from her, “You’re my favorite, Deputy, mom!” and that goes with lots and lots of kisses.









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